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Psychic Source
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Psychic Source is fairly easy to navigate, although the site is a bit busy looking (especially on mobile). I was able to add funds to my account while on a reading, so that I could continue the session. Although this is a cost per-minute site, their prices are lower than most other networks. I was able to find a psychic that matched my needs by filter (specialty, tools, expertise, and reading style). The cost per minute is clearly listed in the profiles. If there is an issue with your order, customer service seems well supported via phone, chat and email. I had mixed results with the quality/professionalism of psychics. However, when I called customer service with my issue, they did work to make it right.

WARNING! If you do not listening carefully, you will miss the audio prompt that informs you that you have switched from the new customer pricing to regular pricing (big difference). They are not accredited by the BBB. There are limited types of readings, as they only offer phone and chat readings and there are significantly less chat psychics overall. In general, I find the per-minute billing structure to be designed to take advantage of the customer and inherently based in conflict. The psychic wants you to stay on the call as long as possible to increase their commissions and of course the user wants their answers as fast as possible to lower their bill. I felt a "tug of war" during my readings with this site. Uncomfortable.

If you are going to purchase a psychic reading from a bill per-minute site, Psychic Source is the best choice. They have plenty of psychics to choose from and their customer service was helpful and friendly. I would recommend this site if budget is not a concern. Enjoy!

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Greatest Overall Value
Greatest Overall Value.
Most Accurate Psychics
Most Accurate Psychics.
Superior Customer Support
Superior Customer Support.

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Click Here to Receive your Psychic Reading, Beginning at only $10.00!

Jeffrey Simpson


Jeffrey Simpson