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Oranum Psychic Reviews

Oranum Psychic
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The video chat is an interesting way to receive a reading. They have a large staff of psychics on the site, but 90% of them were offline every time I attempted to purchase a session. I do see there is email and chat support, but the phone support seems to be for billing issues only.

Even though the website is clean graphically, this is a very basic site in regards to features. The pricing is difficult to find and the “start your reading free” tactic really does not sit well with me. I would rather purchase a session and know how much I am paying, than deal with a psychic who is also the sales person. In addition, you are billed per minute - so it is on you to keep track of the ultimate bill. They only offer video chat, no other formats for readings, such as phone, email or text. Oranum is NOT accredited by the BBB. According to their hiring process, they do NOT screen their psychics (test their ability to perform psychic readings). It also appears that they only offer refunds if there is a technical issue with their site.

When looking into a psychic to hire, you are taken directly to their video feed. I felt this was intrusive, as I could view other user’s “free” readings in progress. I wanted to read about their psychic's qualifications before I made a decision, but when I clicked on the link, many of the psychics started talking to me right away and there was very little regarding the type of psychics services they offer. This made me uncomfortable. There are no posted reviews that I could find, so making a decision on who to hire was very difficult. Due to the stripped down nature of this site and vague pricing, guarantee and qualifications of their psychics, I would not recommend Oranum.

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Greatest Overall Value
Greatest Overall Value.
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Most Accurate Psychics.
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Superior Customer Support.

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Mary Mitchell


Mary Mitchell