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Hollywood Psychics Reviews

Hollywood Psychics Reviews
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You can filter the psychics by specialty and the site is fairly easy to navigate on PC, but mobile was a challenge. The site is clearly showing its age and has not even been updated since 2014. However, I was able to create an account and make a purchase within a matter of a few minutes. Customer service was knowledgeable, although they were very high pressure for me to “buy” and the hold time was extensive before I could reach an agent (phone or chat). I had no issue finding a psychic that fit my needs, as they have quite a few to choose from. They do offer a variety of communication methods such as email, phone, and chat.

Their pricing structure is very confusing (even for a regular user of psychic networks). The prices are not clearly listed, as there are different price points based on how much money you pre-load onto your account. Not good. This made it difficult for me to budget and it was very confusing what I would ultimately be paying per-minute, until I actually made the purchase. Like most bill per minute psychic networks, I feel this format is purposely intended to confuse the consumer so they spend more than they originally intend to. Great for company profits, not great for the consumer. In addition, I couldn't tag my favorite psychics for future use and the website will not track your psychic reading history. Their guarantee is similar to Meet Your Psychic and Psychic Source, however, they have two different versions of the terms posted on seperate pages. In addition, Hollywood Psychics has conflicting information about how and if you can receive your money back. Confusing for sure! They are NOT accredited by the BBB.

The name would imply that this site is based in Hollywood, CA, but in reality they are based in Langhorne, PA. I feel that they are more focused on the “younger / reality show demographic” as they state the following: "Hollywood Psychics is your psychic website and psychic hotline of choice, because: Of all psychic sites, we're the coolest." This does not translate into a serious company focused on accurate intuitive guidance. During this review I ordered four psychic readings. I would say the accuracy was average at best. I experienced a lot of leading questions from my advisor, versus the psychic communicating what they are picking up about my future. It is clear the psychics are instructed to keep you on the phone as long as possible. In all readings, I clearly told the psychic I had all my questions answered and every advisor pushed hard to keep me on line. Uncomfortable.

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Greatest Overall Value
Greatest Overall Value.
Most Accurate Psychics
Most Accurate Psychics.
Superior Customer Support
Superior Customer Support.

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Click Here to Receive your Psychic Reading, Beginning at only $10.00!

Monique Heartland


Monique Heartland